Saturday, February 02, 2008

April 5th and 6th Tournament Officially IFPA Sanctioned!

The 4th Annual Southeastern Footbag Net Championships to be held on Mud Island on April 5th and 6th is now officially IFPA certified. This brings 2 benefits to the event:
- players will receive IFPA Ranking Points based on their performance in this event, which impacts their ranking and seeding in future events. This will help draw top competitors.
- Sponsors can make donations to the tournament, and the donations are tax deductible! The donations will go to the International Footbag Players Association (IFPA), and should be designated to be used for the Memphis Southeastern Footbag Net Championships on April 5th and 6th.

To contribute to the tournament, just go to the donation site for the IFPA and specify the 'Memphis Southeastern Footbag Net Championships on April 5th and 6th' in the 'designate my donation' area.

We have had our first corporate donation from - they have contributed $500 to the event - THANKS!


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