Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Results - 2008 Southeastern Net Championships

Here are the official results for the tournament:

Singles (single elimination bracket)
1st Emmanuel B.
2nd Yves A.
3rd Chris S.
4th Cory C.
5th Tuan V.
6th Walt H.
7th (tie) Edwin V.
7th (tie) Mike M.
9th Ben A.
10th Elliott J.
11th Robert C.
12 Tommy C.

Doubles (2 pools of 4, then semis / final)
1st Emmanuel B. / Jeremy M.
2nd Chris S. / Ken H.
3rd Cory C. / Yves A.
4th Ben A. / Walt H.
5th Mike M. / Tuan V.
6th Mike W. / Edwin V.
7th (tie) Amy W. / Tommy C.
7th (tie) Chuck S. / Elliott J.

Here are some photos that Cory took. Click here to view in a full screen.


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