Wednesday, July 05, 2006

2006 KC Memorial Footbag Tournament

Since this is our 25th year,and in memory of Chris "KC" Allen, we are once again holding a tournament. The date will be Sept. 9 (and possibly 10 if there's enough interest) at Mud Island River Park (some of the old timers might remember this park), there'll be net and freestyle competition. More details to come. Please let me know if you're interested! LG

About Memphis Footworks

In 2006, the Memphis Footworks club is celebrating 25 years of friendship and net bag hostility. Formed by Lee Guenther, our club celebrates all of our current and former players.

We play net religously on Sundays with anywhere from 8-12 footbaggers. Our current roster is comprised of the 3 distinct groups. The "has beens" (40 yrs+): Mike "Willi" Williams, Chuck Simmers, George Clark, Tommy Carls, Ken Hamric, Rick "RB" Benedetti, Greg James and founder Lee Guenther. The "new blood" (30+): Eric and Cynthia Marsiglia and the "young guns" (20+): Ben Alston, Walt Houston, David, Steven, Chris, and Juggle man. (Apologies to those inadvertently omitted). Members at heart: Rit Ritenour, Gary Edge, Chris "Gator" Routh, Andrew Williams and Lani Rector. In memoriam, Chris "KC" Allen, who passed away on the net courts Sept. 9, 2001 and Cathy Guenther, long-time kicker and supporter.

Our primo locale is the Waterworks -- a quiet, semi-secluded chunk of property in front of a water pumping facility on the east side of the Univ. of Memphis (ya gotta see it!), and we're almost always there on Sunday afternoons, rain, shine, sleet or mud. We mostly play net and some stylin'. Drop by sometime and let us show you some of our southern hospitality!!


For 20 years or so, Memphis Footworks had traditionally played at the Water Pumping station near University of Memphis... however, things have changed. Our new location is downtown on Mud Island, 100 feet from the Mighty Mississippi. Here is a link to the location of the courts.

I have left the description of our old playing location below for historical references ;>
Waterworks has been the home of Memphis Footworks since the early 80's. Thru the years, the members have shown up on Sunday afternoons around 12:30 to kick - rain, shine, and even snow (more times than you could imagine). The area we play at is north of the pumping station across the ditch from the Zack Curlin parking lot. Zack Curlin is the street that borders the East side of the University of Memphis campus. Park in this parking lot (about halfway down Zack Curlin before it turns near the railroad tracks), scramble across the ditch, and join us. We play at the NW corner of the field in the winter time. In the summer, we move down by the big oak tree for some much needed shade.

Click for a Map to Waterworks.

Click on this picture below from Google Earth to see an enlarged view - it shows undisputable photographical evidence of our presence - check out the 2 rows of 4 worn spots on the turf to the right of the big oak - these are our 4 summer courts. Visible from Space. Kinda Cool.
Note: Photo here is of old courts, not new courts on Mud Island...

Club Members and Contact Info

Lee Guenther
5692 Rich Rd.
Memphis, TN. 38120
Phone: (901) 683-2752

Mike 'Willi' Williams
Collierville, TN. 38017
Phone: 901-569-6263

Tommy Carls
Memphis, TN

Ken Hamric
10373 Whealdon Way
Collierville, TN 38017
Phone: 901-355-2997