Saturday, April 21, 2007

SE Regional Tournament Results

As Elliott said, Mud Island definitely lived up to it's name this year. Overnight and morning rains made the ground EXTREMELY soft, and after a few games the courts were trashed. It became Mudbag, or some other game, not exactly Footbag Net. We did manage to layout some new courts for the semi's and final matches, and they played well.

We had a great turnout from out of state. Tina Lewis, Sam Conlon, John Leys, Mike McCarthy, Jeremey Merken, Cory Current, & Robert Crell journeyed to Memphis for Ribs and a little MudBag Net. Plus, a great turnout from Nashville as always. The Memphis crew particularly enjoyed all sitting on the sidelines watching the out of towners compete in the finals... motivation for next year.

1. cory current/john leys *open champs
2. mike mccarthy/jermey merken
3. tommy carls/ken hamric
4. ben alston/walt houston
5. elliott johns/ben v
6. alex grammer/emily johns
7. david pollen/mike willaims
8. sam conlon/tina lewis
9. robert creel/chris *intermediate champs

We also had a great day Sunday out at waterworks playing pickup games with various partners. We got about 6 or 7 hours in - it was a blast!

The Memphis and Nashville groups would like to give a big THANK YOU to the out of town travellers - appreciate you coming and making this an event to remember!

Here are some pictures: