Thursday, March 13, 2008

Celebrating National Monkey Day 3/2

Memphis Footworks celebrated National Monkey Day on the weekend of March 2nd, 2008. For those not in the know, the 3-2 point is universally known as the 'Monkey Point'... ok, not universally, but it is in Memphis. The origin of Monkey has become obscured over the ages, but rumor has it that it has basis in the phone number of one of the players girlfriends. As time has progressed, winning the 3-2 point has become quite significant in Memphis, sometimes being contested more than a game point. There is even a name for 2-3 - it is called yeknom (pronounced Yak'nom). When March 3rd (3/2/2008) rolled around, the significance of 3/2 falling on a beautiful weekend was not lost on the Memphis Footworks crew. The video shows that weekends play.

We are all looking forward to the tournament on Mud Island on 4/5 and 4/6 - we have some AWESOME talent coming in town! Hopefully this video will show them what they have to look forward to!


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